The Insider’s Guide to Buying Enterprise Software

Adaptive insights, cloud cpm software, corporate performance management, business budgeting software, budgeting and forecasting, visual analytics, financial reporting software, financial consolidationAfter being in the software industry for nearly 20 years – having sold software, demoed it, implemented it, developed it, and marketed it – and bought quite a bit of it too, I’m still surprised by how many buyers don’t follow some basic ground rules when they’re making such a big decision. Asking some basic questions and doing some key research yourself can make all the difference between success and failure.

Let’s face it, it’s easy to build some requirements that you need and then glide along the sales process – sitting through the vendor sales presentations, seeing the demos, reading the success stories, getting a few references, and then signing the quote. But the best buyers really get inside the process – and follow seven key ground rules.

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The Technology Shift of 1914: Lessons We Can Learn 100 Years Later

Adaptive insights, cloud cpm software, corporate performance management, business budgeting software, budgeting and forecasting, visual analytics, financial reporting software, financial consolidationIn 1914 there were more than 4,600 of these companies in the United States alone, a competitive and vibrant industry that had supported tens of thousands of workers, unchallenged for hundreds of years. Entire careers revolved around them – with professionals and specialists, skilled in the complexity and artistry behind their products. An entire supply chain existed – from suppliers, to manufacturers, to makers of essential artifacts like the “buggy whip” to support them.

Flint and Cincinnati led production, while a city such as Amesbury in Massachusetts was one of many thriving towns that was home to more than 26 companies in the 1850s alone. Long forgotten businesses like George Adams & Sons, Loud Brothers, H. G. & H. W. Steven and William Chase & Sons were humming away, struggling to meet spiraling customer demand.

The industry peaked in the 1890’s with 13,000+ companies. Yet by 1925, there were just 150 of them in the US. By 1929, just 88. In a mere 15 years, 98% of an industry had been wiped out.

The industry, of course, is that of the “chaisemaker.” Even the name itself has fallen out of use (Microsoft Word is telling me I have a typo!) More commonly, you’ll know the industry as that of the carriage makers.

Some within the carriage making industry saw the automobile as simply a passing fad and couldn’t imagine a future without the horse drawn carriage. Few understood the fundamental technology shift that was underway and how it would disrupt their businesses to the core.

While many of the carriage makers were much better capitalized, had great commercial reach and distribution, and better brand recognition than their auto-making peers, they almost all failed to adapt to a technology shift. Just a few made the leap. In fact, Studebaker was one of only two top-ranked carriage makers that embraced the destruction of their old business, eventually retooling their entire production to manufacture automobiles instead. Companies that tried to hang on to the past, or simply apply old world skills and technology to the new world simply failed to exist.

Not just the carriage makers were wiped out. But the entire ecosystem that supported them. The “buggy whip” was an essential accessory for any erstwhile coach driver. An entire cottage industry in itself, the industry and the phrase itself crumbling in the face of disruption.

And here we stand today with another disruption underway: The demise of on-premise software, with an entire ecosystem that’s surrounding it, and the rise of cloud computing. What lessons can we learn from the shift from carriage to car?

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Financial Faceoff: Taking the Poker Game Out Of The Budgeting And Forecasting Process

world-series-pokerAnnual budgeting and forecasting season has come to pass, along with the all too familiar middle management and executive negotiation tactics. We all know the methods used to create favorable departmental budgets and forecasts:

Departmental managers asking for more than what’s required with the hope of agreeing on the budget that they actually want. Junior managers promising unprecedented results in exchange for executive support and an investment in their new ideas. And of course, the seasoned managers warning of large-scale consequences to the company if a specific budget is cut.

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Adaptive Insights & Fast-Growing Customers Have Strong Showing in Latest Montclare SaaS 250 List.

For the second time in as many weeks Adaptive Insights and a group of fast-growing, high-growth tech customers have earned impressive recognition within a list of some of today’s most successful technology companies. Last week, Adaptive Insights and 75 customers were recognized as part of the Deloitte 2014 Technology Fast 500™ list. And now, Adaptive and four of our most successful technology companies are among the 15 fastest-growing tech companies within the Montclare SaaS 250 list, which recognizes the most influential SaaS companies in the world. Check out our Slideshare below to find out which Adaptive customers made the Montclare list, and where they rank among today’s most influential organizations.

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What Today’s Top CFOs Do Better than the Rest

Today’s top finance chiefs at the most successful technology companies are leveraging the cloud-based Adaptive Suite to provide business leaders with a unique, “big picture” view of financial data, as well as a granular view of operations. Click on the image below to download our new whitepaper, What the Best CFOs Do Better: Secrets for Smarter Decision-Makingto learn leadership tips from CFOs that you can use to lead strategic business decisions with more detailed & accurate financial insights!

Adaptive insights, cloud cpm software, corporate performance management, business budgeting software, budgeting and forecasting, visual analytics, financial reporting software, financial consolidation

Reflections from Adaptive President & CRO Keith Nealon


Keith Nealon, President & CRO, Adaptive Insights

When contemplating his next career move, Keith Nealon was looking for more than just another job. He wanted to join a team of people pursuing something greater than just a paycheck, and a company with the elements in place to win it’s market. His search ended four months ago when he joined Adaptive Insights as our President and Chief Revenue Officer, confident that he had found the team and company he had been looking for.

Today, Keith reflected on his decision to join Adaptive in an email to all employees that shed light on the Adaptive experience from the inside-out, and explained what it’s like to join a company with a strong culture and unparalleled focus on customer satisfaction. Below is the message in its entirely, with permission from Keith to publish externally.

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Adaptive Insights Powers 75 Companies on Deloitte’s 2014 Technology Fast 500™ List

Adaptive Insights customers are again strongly represented on Deloitte’s 2014 Technology Fast 500 list, with 73 of our hottest and fastest growing tech customers accounting for 14% of the total list. For the fourth year in a row, Adaptive is the #1 fastest growing cloud business analytics and CPM software company on Deloitte’s list. And once again, an Adaptive customer earned the overall #1 ranking on the list.  This year it’s MobileIron, the mobile device management provider that issued its IPO in June 2014.

Check out our slideshare below to see the full set of Adaptive customers on the list, and eye-opening numbers on the success of some of our fastest-growing customers.


The Adapative Acceleration Report is here! Click on the banner to download the report for more insights into our broader customers’ success by industry and size, and find out how organizations use the Adaptive Suite to accelerate organizational growth!

Click on the banner above to download our new Adaptive Acceleration Report!

Click on the banner above to download our new Adaptive Acceleration Report!


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Must Watch: Preview of Upcoming Adaptive Event Featuring Former Oracle CFO Jeff Epstein

Adaptive insights, cloud cpm software, corporate performance management, business budgeting software, budgeting and forecasting, visual analytics, financial reporting software, financial consolidation, Adaptive Revenue, business revenue, corporate revenue planning, business revenue planning

Click on the banner to register for the Adaptive Insights Nov. 20 event, featuring “5 Powerful Lessons for CFOs” from former Oracle CFO Jeff Epstein.

Jeff Epstein knows finance and technology. Though he’s widely known as the former CFO of Oracle, Jeff’s experience with Oracle is only the tip of iceberg. He had a combined decade of CFO experience before then, both as CFO of King World Productions and later DoubleClick.

Today, Jeff is on the Board of Directors of several industry-leading businesses, such as Bessemer Venture Partners, an Adaptive Insights investor, and Using that career-long experience as a corporate finance leader, Jeff has developed his five pillars of success for today’s finance professionals. And on Nov. 20, at the Rosewood San Hill in Menlo Park, CA.,  you’ll have the chance to meet Jeff & hear him detail his finance leadership advice for today’s CFOs.

In addition to his Keynote, Jeff will also lead a live CFO panel discussion covering some of today’s most pressing topics for business finance leaders, including:

  • How CFOs can help fast-growth companies scale internal processes as they grow
  • Valuable strategies to use when dealing with public investors
  • Best practices for using financial dashboards and measuring key metrics

Check out the video clip below for a preview of what Jeff will be sharing in Menlo Park this month, and then reserve your spot to meet Jeff and other corporate finance leaders at this complimentary event!

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