1,001 Reporting Tools…And Excel is Still #1. Why?


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Click on the image above to learn more about Adaptive OfficeConnect – the newest reporting solution within the Adaptive Suite.

There are hundreds of reporting tools out there, with billions being spent on them over the decades.  No doubt you’ve heard of just a few of them – tools like Hyperion, Business Objects, Cognos, Crystal Reports, FRx, etc.

But guess what? The #1 reporting tool in every enterprise is STILL Excel – with over one billion users worldwide. Why? Excel is easy to learn and use, and we’re all comfortable working within its familiar interface when inputting data and creating charts and graphs.

So let’s face it: Business users will never, ever, ever completely give up their Excel spreadsheets.

But there’s an ugly truth behind those Excel sheets: The ‘static’ nature of those sheets makes it time-consuming to consistently produce updated financial reports. Consolidating data from different sources, checking for broken links, and reformatting time and time again is a tedious process that’s most responsible for the ‘Excel Hell’ moniker; it’s an error-prone process that sucks time. The real problem is the work that goes into creating those Excel spreadsheets.

So the question becomes:

How do you deliver the automation, accuracy, and scalability of a business application, with the formatting and flexibility of Microsoft Office?

We set out to address this question for our users. The answer?  Adaptive OfficeConnect: A solution built upon the following four key principles to bridge the gap between the existing Excel sheets that we know and love, and the cloud data analytics that modern organizations need to make faster, more well-informed business decisions.

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Can Data Analysts & IT Pros Finally Align Around Business Objectives?

Adaptive insights, cloud cpm software, corporate performance management, business budgeting software, budgeting and forecasting, visual analytics, financial reporting software, financial consolidationGiven the increased importance companies worldwide are putting on big data analytics, it should come as no surprise that demand for “Data Analysts” is nearing a frenzy. BusinessDay is even calling it the “choice job of the 21st century”.

While more data-driven decision-making is a largely positive shift for organizations, the growing popularity and demand for data analysts – financial data analysts in particular – has put more of a maintenance burden on IT teams.  As analysts adopt new data discovery tools, IT is often left “holding the bag” – charged with solving difficult technical issues when integrating new tools with existing applications and scaling use of those tools throughout the organization. Quelling this conflict is at the core of the new Adaptive Insights 2014.2 release.

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Leading with Financial Analysis: Accelerating The Information Loop

Adaptive insights, cloud cpm software, corporate performance management, business budgeting software, budgeting and forecasting, visual analytics, financial reporting software, financial consolidationNew technology that’s transforming financial strategy, management, and information collection has business information traveling faster than ever. It’s a trend that has helped to position corporate finance teams to better help the CEO and Board set corporate strategies.

But there’s one thing every finance executive should know if they want to take advantage of the opportunity to become a strategic authority within their company: The level of leadership and influence finance can provide is directly associated with how quickly the team can produce valuable financial metrics to influence business decisions.

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Adaptive Insights Execs Take Part in ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last month, you’ve surely heard about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge taking place across the U.S. and taking over social media sites with photos and videos of ice showers. You may have even been challenged yourself (if you haven’t it’s probably going to happen soon).

Just ask the Adaptive Insights Executive team, some of whom were challenged earlier this week to complete the Ice Bucket Challenge and donate to the ALS Associaton to support the research toward finding a cure for Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Did they accept? This video says it all! Check out the clip of Adaptive Executives taking their ice bath, and find out who they challenged to do the same! You can also see our Ice Bucket Challenge photo album on our Facebook page and watch frame by frame reactions.

And remember — whether or not you’re nominated and/or willing to take an ice bath, you can still donate to support an excellent cause!


Cloud & On-Premise Software: The Ying & Yang of Business Technology

Guest blog by Daniel Caringi, National Solutions Manager, BDO Canada LLP Solutions

Daniel Caringi (@dancaringi) helps business leaders connect technology to strategy with business solutions that promote financial and operational effectiveness.   To read more about Technology and Business visit the Driving Business Transformation Group and Blog.By now, most have heard of cloud computing. Many of us use it every day, and for the most part we have a general idea of what it can do and how it can help us more efficient, successful businesses.

What many still struggle to understand is how cloud computing has quickly become to the “Yin” to traditional, on-premise software’s “Yang.” Cloud computing and on-premise software could not be more different, in both purpose and design. In true Yin-Yang fashion, however, these two opposite technologies are beginning to form a balanced symbiosis to give solutions for many businesses.

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AdapTip Tuesday: Financial Planning & Consolidation Using Multiple Currencies

Adaptive insights, cloud cpm software, corporate performance management, business budgeting software, budgeting and forecasting, visual analytics, financial reporting software, financial consolidationOur Tuesday Tip blog series may have a new name, but we’re still giving out the same level of valuable financial advice.

Today’s topic? Multi-currencies: something that’s increasingly popular among Adaptive customers, who are among the fastest-growing companies in each of their industries (just look at the pace at which they’re issuing IPOs).

That incredible growth often means companies are expanding geographically and opening locations around the world. This inevitably introduces new financial complexities, such as creating more financial plans and budgets, using multiple currencies, and consolidating several entities.

Luckily there’s an easy way to manage that.

Adaptive Planning and Adaptive Consolidation have several features to streamline finance processes within companies using multiple currencies. Auto detection of the user’s locale. Auto recognition of accented and ideographic characters that are not part of the ASCII (A to Z) set. Numbers in sheets and reports displayed in the proper format according to the user’s locale. Dates displayed in the geographically correct manner.

The list goes on. And today, we’ll briefly run through how Adaptive simplifies three otherwise complex components for companies budgeting, planning, and consolidating using multiple currencies.

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The Mindset of an Entrepreneurial CFO: A Podcast with Adaptive Founder & Chairman Rob Hull

Adaptive Insights Corporate Performance Management Business Intelligence Integrated Software Suite LinkedIn Adaptive Customer Group Best Practices Technology Industry Leadership Enterprise Performance Management Rob Hull

Rob Hull, Founder & Chairman, Adaptive Insights

Before Rob Hull became founder & Chairman of Adaptive Insights, he was a CFO like so many of Adaptive’s worldwide customers. His path to becoming a CFO was an nontraditional one, having come from a managerial background rather than an accounting one.

Throughout the various roles in his career, from coder to analytical services management, Rob’s process management acumen helped ease his transition into a finance leadership position.

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