Adaptive Insights Road to Active Planning 2017
Join Us on the Road to Active Planning

Thinking of finally moving away from your spreadsheet-based, static planning environment toward one that’s continuous, comprehensive, and collaborative? If so, you’re probably wondering how to take that important first step. Because on a journey this important, first steps matter. That’s why we’re making it easy with our 2017 Finance Leadership…

A line of red safety matches and burning match ignition. Vector illustration--collaboration.
Ignite Cross-Functional Engagement in Your Planning Process

You want full business partner participation in planning, budgeting, and forecasting but you struggle to engage other departments in the process. Does this sound familiar? We thought so. But don’t fret. Here are five tips to ignite cross-functional engagement and build confidence in the financial planning process. “Put an End…

Data-Driven Workforce Planning: A Win-Win for Finance and HR

More and more, FP&A teams are being asked how they can add value beyond traditional financial reporting and basic planning. In the not-so-distant past, a good answer was often hard to come by. Yet today, FP&A has more opportunities than ever to go beyond the core financials to evaluate and…

CODIE award for innovation in finance
Innovation + Customers = A Red Carpet Moment

I had the opportunity to represent Adaptive Insights at the SIIA’s CODiE awards last week. The event was a reception at the InterContinental Hotel in San Francisco. My colleagues, Mark Thompson, our chief founding engineer, and Sean Rollings, vice president, product marketing, and I attended the gala with a who’s…

Business group challenge as a team of workers pulling a heavy anchor together as a corporate metaphor for overcoming the burden and obstacles of a company with 3D illustration elements--Spreadsheets
Three Ways Your Spreadsheets Are Slowing You Down

Make no mistake: Decades-old spreadsheets are not built to handle the complexities of modern, fast-paced businesses. They’re great personal productivity tools, but can present major accuracy issues when shared across multiple users and locations. So for all of you spreadsheet jockeys out there, here are three ways that Excel-based processes could…

How Rolling Forecasts Can Get You Out of an FP&A Rut

When it comes to FP&A forecasting, most companies base their long-range forecasts on static planning processes, rather than more relevant, dynamic plans that reflect the complexities of the business. Relying on a forecast that doesn’t enable continuous monitoring of company performance, instead of implementing a modern, rolling forecast approach, is like using…

5 Traits of Enlightened Finance Leaders Advanced analytics doesn’t necessarily make you wise. To communicate the data’s underlying meaning, today’s CFOs need to embrace new skills.
5 Traits of Enlightened Finance Leaders

In Samuel Coleridge’s famous poem Rime of the Ancient Mariner, a man adrift at sea looks out on the water and cries in frustration, “Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.” I think the modern finance version of this anguish could easily be “Data, data everywhere and not…

How to Make FP&A a Trusted Member of the Management Team

How well aligned is your FP&A team with operational departments like sales and marketing? Let me guess. Not so much. That’s a problem: Alignment between finance and other facets of your business is now more important than ever. With today’s quickening pace of business, the need for a more collaborative…

Benchmark Standard Management Improvement SaaS Benchmark Concept
Why Today’s Successful SaaS Companies Use Benchmarks

The software as a service (SaaS) business model requires the integration and coordination of far more operations than traditional software models. R&D, sales, marketing, customer success, finance, and operations all need to work together to produce profitable unit economics, which are the basis of a successful SaaS company. The annual…

CallidusCloud Solves Sales Planning with ‘Flawless’ NetSuite Integration

When your business is helping customers accelerate and maximize their lead-to-money process—the business alchemy that turns leads into paying customers—it’s safe to assume you often have sales on the brain. That’s certainly true at CallidusCloud, a recognized leader in sales performance management solutions that’s helped more than 5,400 organizations equip…