The risky business of thinking small

When it comes to planning your future, the biggest mistake you can make is to think small, to limit your vision. Thinking small means thinking tactically rather than strategically, which is risky. Tactical thinking tends to restrict your focus to simple historical financial reporting, static budgeting, and limited collaboration in… [READ MORE]

3 tips to take the pain out of revenue planning

The definition of the word “revenue” has been firm pretty much forever (as the total income produced by a given source or the gross income returned by an investment). Yet revenue planning has been radically transformed recently. Twenty years ago, most businesses built revenue through one-time transactions or with perpetual… [READ MORE]

Should you do a midyear re-plan?

The time is now for businesses and organizations everywhere to be asking that question. The midyear stretch offers a logical and timely opportunity to take a hard look at the strategic and financial landscape to determine whether it makes sense to do a midyear re-plan as you move into the… [READ MORE]

Large or small, we’ve got you covered

In the software world, experience teaches you a lot. And one thing we’ve learned, after working with more than 3,800 customers of all sizes and across all industries, is that with the right technology and design philosophy, it’s possible to serve a broad range of customers with the same platform.… [READ MORE]

It’s an honor that a company this extraordinary turned to Adaptive Insights to help it accelerate finance and business transformations for customers of all sizes. We’re delighted to be an important part of that future, and to work with our new colleagues to unify our Business Planning Cloud with Workday.
This is just the beginning

Three years ago, I observed in my first blog for Adaptive Insights that uniquely relevant companies are built on great products and amazing teams. Plenty has changed in the past three years, but those two defining characteristics haven’t. And today, as we mark the completion of Adaptive Insights becoming a… [READ MORE]

When You Lead with Innovation, Magic Happens

In sports, they call it a “three-peat.” It means earning a coveted title three times in a row. The phrase is getting plenty of airtime here at Adaptive Insights. Because for the third year in a row, Gartner has named us a Leader in its Magic Quadrant for Corporate Financial… [READ MORE]