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3-Step Guide to Automating Consolidation

It’s no secret that CFOs want to be more strategic. So what’s holding finance back? It’s the old-world tools they’re using for routine tasks, such as the financial close and reporting, which add risk and drain time and resources.

Take financial consolidation as an example. Many companies use spreadsheets to manage intercompany eliminations and allocations, which is time-consuming and error-prone—and this manual work slows down the entire close. According to Ventana Research, only 38% of companies can close their quarterly books in six days or less.

So how can you improve your process to execute faster and provide critical financial information sooner? Here’s a three-step guide.

Watch the webcast “Take the Pain Out of Financial Consolidation”

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Adaptive Live 2015: A Review of the Most Productive Conference I’ve Attended in 20 Years

Guest blog by Chris Mirras, CPM SaaS Solutions Architect, Demand Solutions Group.

Adaptive Insights, cpm software, corporate performance management, business intelligence, financial planning, financial budgets, financial reporting,The Adaptive Live User Conference is renowned for providing useful, actionable information to attendees, and this year’s conference, held Apr. 20 – 23 in San Jose, did not disappoint.

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Product Tip Tuesday: Official Adaptive Live 2014 Packing List

Adaptive Live is set to kick-off in one week, so we’re putting a unique spin on “Product Tip Tuesday” today. Our Adaptive Live packing list isn’t exactly product focused, but it certainly includes a helpful set of tips for the 800+ finance pros scheduled to attend.

Note this doesn’t include a list of San Francisco essentials. So even though we didn’t include a windbreaker to combat the infamous evening breeze off the San Francisco Bay, or durable walking shoes to hike up and down San Francisco’s downtown sidewalk slopes, both are highly recommended.

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A Moneyball Guide for Finance Pros

What does a “Moneyball” strategy actually mean, and how can it be applied in the finance world?

It’s a question we’ve heard a lot since announcing Billy Beane, Oakland A’s GM and pioneer of the Moneyball method, as the keynote speaker at Adaptive Live in San Francisco next month.

So consider this a little pre-event training as we breakdown some Moneyball basics, and explain how finance professionals can use this same strategy to make better decisions and grow their businesses.

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Adaptive Live Evolution Track, Social Experience are Newest Additions to 2014 User Conference

Click on the banner to book your spot at Adaptive Live 2014 in San Francisco!

Click on the banner to book your spot at Adaptive Live 2014 in San Francisco!

Among the many reasons there are to attend Adaptive Live 2014 (#ALive14) next month in San Francisco are two new additions to our 2014 conference:

1. Adaptive Evolution

2. Adaptive Live Social Experience

First, the new Adaptive Evolution track is designed to help seasoned Adaptive users leverage the most sophisticated features within our Cloud CPM & BI Suite. We’re holding 10 Evolution sessions over two days, which will cover everything from short-term and long-term financial planning, to expanding Adaptive beyond finance, to leveraging Adaptive as a solution to create a data-driven culture throughout your organization. Our Evolution track is just one more reason to grab your ticket to Adaptive Live Today!

Here’s a quick breakdown of the first 5.

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“Moneyball” Inspiration, Oakland A’s GM Billy Beane to Headline Adaptive Live

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Billy Beane, Oakland A’s General Manager & Inspirational Subject of “Moneyball”

 Think the use of analytics hasn’t spread across all vertical industries? Ask Billy Beane – General Manager of the Oakland Athletics, inspiration behind the Oscar nominated film “Moneyball,” and headline speaker at Adaptive Live this May!

Beane is widely considered one of the most progressive and talented executives in Major League Baseball. Since taking over as General Manager of the Oakland A’s following the 1997 MLB season, Beane molded Oakland into one of professional baseball’s most consistent winners while shattering traditional MLB beliefs that big payrolls equated to more wins.

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