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Active Planning: The Answer to FP&A’s Biggest Problem

Sometimes the first step toward solving a problem is defining it. Give it a name, and the challenge becomes easier to get your hands—and head—around.

Then, if you can identify the clear solution, well, now we’re talking.

That’s the process we recently underwent at Adaptive Insights. We focused on identifying the near-universal problem that vexes FP&A: How can FP&A become more invested in the strategic analysis aspect of finance and engage operations in the planning process?

You know the drill. Finance does most of the work while others are called upon to “submit input.” The process is considered drudgery by many and a necessary evil by others. In addition, it prevents finance pros from adding optimal value to their organizations or reaching their full potential.

Watch the webcast “Put an End to Inefficient Planning Cycles”

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It’s a Great Time to Be in Finance

It’s a great time to be in finance. And yes, I really believe this to be true.

Before you click away, hear me out. Now, depending on your specific situation—or even your current to-do list—I fully understand that my bold declaration may not ring true for you. In fact, you may think I’m downright delusional.

Read the white paper, “4 Steps to Making Your Finance Function an Analytics Powerhouse”

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