NetSuite and Adaptive Insights Fuel Infusionsoft’s Fast-Growth Strategy

NetSuite + Adaptive Insights Fuels Infusionsoft's Fast-Growth Strategy

The future of a company rides on its ability to see what’s down the road. But Infusionsoft, a sales and marketing software provider, first had to find out where it stood before it could look ahead.

The journey began when Infusionsoft replaced its Excel-based planning and forecasting with Adaptive Insights and NetSuite. Enhancing NetSuite with Adaptive Insights allowed Infusionsoft to replace static, quickly outdated estimates with quarterly rolling forecasts featuring projections that range from a single quarter to five years.

The new forecasts are now shaped by real data. Today, the company’s outlooks use actuals from Infusionsoft’s product, sales, and professional services operations, with the data flowing seamlessly from NetSuite into our flagship Adaptive Planning product.

20/20 foresight
The forecasts reflect an in-depth understanding of where the company is going, which would be burdensome to pin down in Excel—FP&A analysts would have to spend too much time figuring out where the company is at any given moment.

The impact of accurate, rolling forecasts has been transformative for the fast-growing company. Performance reporting cycles have shrunk from three weeks to a few days, monthly closes now take less time, and budgets and sales projections are more realistic. Meanwhile, department heads have the ability to course-correct earlier, when there’s still time to minimize the risks and implications of running a business on inaccurate forecasts.

Better still, a new culture of collaboration has emerged at Infusionsoft, which has seen the number of regular planning participants double since the Excel days. Decision-makers are relieved, as well, that the organization’s improved collaboration and transparency has eliminated time-sapping debates over data validity.

It all adds up to a future Infusionsoft can now see clearly as it maps its growth around the world.

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