The ROI of NetSuite + Adaptive Insights: Hortonworks

Hortonworks prides itself on its innovation. So when it sought a finance solution that shared the same mindset, the open source data company turned to Adaptive Insights. In this ROI Spotlight, we present a snapshot of the benefits Hortonworks gained after it paired Adaptive Planning with its NetSuite ERP solution.…

Adaptive Live: San Francisco by the Numbers

Anyone who has been to San Francisco will be familiar with its charms. One of a kind, The City leaves an indelible mark on your memory. This is why we chose it as the venue for Adaptive Live 2017, the premier FP&A event of the year. San Francisco delivers experiences…

Adaptive Insights + NetSuite
The ROI of NetSuite + Adaptive Insights: HireVue

HireVue is one of the 700-plus happy customers who have used Adaptive Insights products to extend the power of NetSuite ERP for a comprehensive financial management solution. In this ROI Spotlight, we present some of the key benefits HireVue realized by combining Adaptive Planning and NetSuite ERP. For example, by…

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6 Questions a Strategic CFO Knows to Ask

Today’s CEOs expect their finance chiefs to be strategic partners and growth champions. Over the past decade, CFO responsibilities have widened to include managing the company’s business model and overseeing the effective allocation of capital. At the same time, though, nearly half of CFOs surveyed in the Adaptive Insights CFO Indicator…

10 Things Today’s Top CFOs Do Better

The role of the CFO has steadily evolved due to several factors, such as the advent of new technology and the accelerated pace of modern businesses that have transformed growth trajectories. To remain competitive in such a landscape, today’s corporate leaders are turning to the CFO for better financial insight…