Three Tips for Better SaaS Revenue Forecasting

As part of my job at Adaptive Insights, I meet regularly with FP&A peers working at software as a service (SaaS) companies. Their questions often echo the same concerns: How can I forecast revenue more accurately? What are the metrics that matter? Is there a way to beat back the…

Use dashboards and visual analytics to drive better performance
5 Ways Dashboards Can Help Step Up Your Finance Game

There’s a lot of talk these days about how to drive deeper engagement between finance and business teams. So here’s our tip of the week: Dashboards. Visual analytics open the door for a more collaborative environment in which easy-to-interpret data is more readily shared and can be accessed by anyone…

A New Outpost on the Innovation Frontier

San Francisco may be the financial hub of the West, but when it comes to meteoric growth, the real disruption is in the technology sector—the software and services that are changing the established ways we do practically everything. In fact, there’s an intensifying concentration of tech companies in the City…

Three doors. All open in concrete wall with wood floor. Concept of decisions and alternative ways to success. Mock up. 3d rendering--cloud
3 Smart Moves for a Smooth Cloud Transition

For FP&A, the cloud appears to have finally reached the tipping point. More and more organizations are realizing the transformative potential of the cloud to enhance budgeting and planning, while also driving better business results. Although finance is one of the last departments in the enterprise to go cloud, the…

Curing Accounting’s Biggest Reporting Headaches

There are a lot of stereotypes and misconceptions about the accounting profession (we’re not introverted math nerds!), but one common belief is true: The pace of change in the accounting profession is accelerating. In order to stay relevant, it is not only important to remain current with new accounting pronouncements,…

financial reports
3 Ways to Ensure Your Financial Reports Get Read

For FP&A, financial reporting is a tricky balancing act. If you share too many reports, business leaders may give up reading them all together. In a study by the American Institute of CPAs and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, 32% of C-level executives said more data has made things worse,…

Futuristic building with binary numbers spherical grid and sky background. Great image to illustrate the concept of future business life--Gartner CPM
Why CPM Has Fully Moved to the Cloud

From the moment cloud computing was embraced by enterprises, it was clear the days were numbered for on-premises corporate performance management (CPM) software and that the future of CPM would be found in the cloud. Well, the future is here, officially and unequivocally. Gartner just released its 2017 Magic Quadrant for…

P.F. Chang’s Cooks Up a Modern FP&A Strategy

It isn’t easy to find restaurant brands that execute on their promise of quality cuisine as well as P.F. Chang’s, a roughly $1 billion restaurant business with nearly 500 locations worldwide. The company’s acclaimed Asian-themed restaurants remain a consumer favorite in large part because of their devotion to a “farm-to-wok”…

revenue recognition + 606
How Can FP&A Help Get Ahead of 606 Regulations?

As any finance type well knows, the Financial Accounting Standards Board and the International Accounting Standards Board have issued their new revenue recognition changes (ASC606/IFRS 15), marking some of the most significant regulatory reforms to accounting standards in the last 20 years. There are plenty of questions about the potential…

3 Ways FP&A Teams Can Drive Transformation in Healthcare

If you work in the healthcare industry, I suspect you’re already accustomed to dealing with a lot of change. And from what I understand, it’s likely only going to increase. “We measure our success by market segment performance, so new regulations, fluctuating premiums, and other factors regularly impact our main…