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Ready to Get More from Your NetSuite Investment?

As excitement builds for SuiteWorld, NetSuite’s annual gathering of customers and partners, there’s no better time to showcase customer success driven by our long history with the No. 1 cloud ERP vendor. It’s a great story, and we’re happy to share it. The relationship dates back to 2005, when NetSuite…

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Ready for a Better Way to Approach Budgeting & Planning?

We all know the methods used to create favorable departmental budgets and forecasts: Managers ask for more than what’s required with the hope of agreeing on the budget they actually want; junior managers promise unprecedented results in exchange for executive support and an investment in their new ideas; and of course, the seasoned, senior managers warn of…

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Three Ways Your Spreadsheets Are Slowing You Down

Make no mistake: Decades-old spreadsheets are not built to handle the complexities of modern, fast-paced businesses. They’re great personal productivity tools, but can present major accuracy issues when shared across multiple users and locations. So for all of you spreadsheet jockeys out there, here are three ways that Excel-based processes could…