Are You Benchmarking Against the Right Things?

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” That’s become classic management advice for a reason: Tracking business performance is a critical first step to improving it. It also aligns with a question I’m frequently asked: What are the right things to benchmark against? Use these three sets of… [READ MORE]

Break out the Champagne! It’s National Spreadsheet Day

At Boston’s Logan International Airport, travelers are greeted by a permanent display of 49 developments representing four centuries of breakthroughs whose origins can be traced to Massachusetts. The array of innovations is staggering—from the microwave oven to infant formula and a newfangled game first known as “Basket Ball.” For finance… [READ MORE]

FP&A metrics
For FP&A Metrics that Matter, Try Common Definitions

How does a highly effective finance team take control of complexity and fragmented information? They start by building common standards that help employees across the company integrate information in an efficient way to deliver a single version of the truth. Like many streamlined practices, the idea of common FP&A metrics… [READ MORE]

Are spreadsheets keeping you from improving your financial analyst skills?
Are Spreadsheets Holding Your Career Back?

Your first spreadsheet is probably a memory to be treasured. But many FP&A professionals can’t think beyond the spreadsheet. Instead of developing other financial analyst skills, they spend time honing their ability to work wonders with Excel. Pivot tables, named ranges, array formulas, and every keyboard shortcut known to humanity—all… [READ MORE]

Data visualization
Can You See What The Data Is Trying To Tell You?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is one chart worth? For some CFOs, the answer is potentially millions in revenue, increased influence in the boardroom, and a fast track to the CEO position. Here’s why: Finance teams are being tasked with processing more and more data. In… [READ MORE]

Graph Chart Analytics Business Statistics Concept--culture of analytics
5 Steps to Creating a Culture of Analytics

As just about any finance professional knows, there’s a huge need for FP&A teams to become more strategic partners to the business. When we surveyed more than 300 CFOs for a report on how FP&A can play a broader role in guiding corporate planning and performance, 75% said they wanted their… [READ MORE]

ROI Spotlight: Berkhamsted Schools Group

Berkhamsted Schools Group is one of Britain’s leading independent education establishments, with 475 years of history and tradition. Frustrated with the inability to run forecasts more than once a term in Excel, the school turned to Adaptive Insights. In this ROI Spotlight, we show how Berkhamsted transformed its finance function… [READ MORE]

3 Questions to Uncover KPIs You’re Missing

If it feels like all eyes are on you, well, you’re probably right. Whether you’re at a major organization or a small business, stakeholders across all departments and levels look to the finance function for measures that will help them understand their future performance and set goals and strategies. FP&A… [READ MORE]