Adaptive Planning Launches Networking Happy Hour in Your Area

Martini with Olives

We would like to take the opportunity to get our industry’s thought leaders, movers and shakers together for a networking happy hour to share industry trends, talk shop and build a more robust professional network in a casual setting.

Upcoming networking events:

04/25/13 San Mateo CA 4:30 PM
05/01/13 Toronto ON 4:30 PM
05/14/13 Denver CO 4:30 PM
05/14/13 Montreal QC 4:30 PM
06/04/13 St. Louis MO 4:30 PM
06/13/13 Philadelphia PA 4:30 PM
06/20/13 Glendale CA 4:30 PM

Sign up for an event in your city so you, too, can join us for a drink or two while fostering new connections and learning how the Adaptive Suite of Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence solutions can benefit  you, your customers, and your organization.

New locations will be announced soon, please visit our events page for updates on networking sessions in your area.

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