Adaptive Torchbearers Q&A: Robert Scrimshaw, Mayo Clinic

Robert Scrimshaw, Mayo Clinic, Adaptive Live, CPM software, SaaS, corporate performance management

Robert Scrimshaw (middle left) holds an Adaptive Insights Torchie Award at Adaptive Live 2015, given to Mayo Clinic for “FP&A Excellence”.

Tell us about your experience within the Adaptive Torchbearers community. How have you enjoyed meeting other Adaptive customers through various Torchbearer activities?

Rob: It’s rare to say this about a vendor, but we’re proud of the work that we’re doing with the system and we’re so grateful for all of the upgrades and everything that’s being done to make the product better every day! As a result, we’ve become the evangelists here at Mayo Clinic for, and on behalf of, Adaptive Insights. Everywhere we go we’re telling people about it, and Torchbearers is just an extension of that.

We’ve participated in most of the challenges and trying to get to more people here at Mayo (current and past alumni, including Executives I’ve worked with for the past 26 years). They are all hearing about Adaptive and what it’s doing for us, and how it’s making our lives better. So it’s been a nice to give back to Adaptive a little bit. It’s not helping Mayo specifically, but for each of us personally it’s our chance to give a ‘thank you’ back to Adaptive.

What are some of your favorite activities within the Torchbearer community?

Rob: There are fun events, such as the time we posted a picture from outside the nearest window – and it was the dead of winter here, with almost eight-feet of snow! I also enjoy learning about how other customers are using the system. At Mayo we use the system differently, so I can see what others are doing in Torchbearers, how they are using the system, and it’s also a way we can link up with other users.

Have you gained any insights from peers in the Torchbearers Community? Do you feel a sense of community or comradery with other Torchbearers seeing their challenge feedback and posts?

Rob: There is a sense of comradery. And I’m eager to build even more. As example, I’m hoping at some point we’ll be able to link our businesses together through Communities on Torchbearers. Healthcare people can get together and talk about how we’re using the system and what we can do to improve it.

At Adaptive Live I talked to several others from the healthcare industry. I saw some of the personnel modeling that they were doing that was extremely helpful for us. I’d like to see that continue on with Torchbearers.

Has being a member of Adaptive Torchbearers helped you to engage more closely with Adaptive’s product teams? 

Rob: We have been providing product feedback and actually seeing our input show up in the tool. Each time a new release comes out and sure enough, something we recommended is in there. It’s kind of neat to see!

How has Adaptive Torchbearers helped you to maximize your use of the Adaptive Suite?

Rob: I think you initially respond to some of the suggested Torchbearers activities due to the incentives, but when you actually do the challenge you learn from it. Initially you might do it for the rewards, but after a while you visit more frequently just to see what’s new and what’s coming out. I’ll go into Torchbearers several times a week just to see what else is new. And I’ve found a lot of announcements in there, so we consider Torchbearers our “go-to” place.

What would you like to see more of within the Adaptive Torchbearers community?

Rob: I’d like a peek into what’s coming out in the Fall, as well as more regular updates in Torchbearers. As example, we hear about a new feature, but then nothing again until it is actually live. I’d like to hear process updates or progress on tool development. We also heard about product updates at Live, but we won’t hear it again until the Fall so I’d love more regular product updates and status checks.

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