At Acquia, sales partners with FP&A to strategize for 2019

As the new year swings into gear, sales teams are kicking off plans to grow the business and close more deals in 2019. While many sales teams rely on Excel for planning, the sales operations team at Acquia, a leading cloud platform for building, delivering, and optimizing digital experiences, depends on Adaptive Insights for Sales this time of year. The planning process used to take a month of work to build an Excel model with all of the business’s requirements.

“This year we walked into the kickoff meeting with a model that was already up and running,” says Pam Bragan, senior manager of sales planning and analytics at Acquia. “We just had to display the columns for the new year and plug in our growth assumptions.”

And that’s not all. Together, sales and FP&A build what-if scenarios on the fly to reflect changes in ramp speed, headcount, geography, and attrition variables during meetings with leadership. Driving the planning process together with sales—instead of just providing numbers—is the new future for finance teams at Acquia.

To learn more about their successful partnership, watch this video.

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