From the slopes or the lake, with Domo you can work from anywhere

You don’t have to sacrifice enjoying your vacation for work. Domo’s software empowers you to run your business on your phone or tablet. And that can be a real gift during the winter season when the mountains are calling your name and it’s time to hit the slopes. With Adaptive Insights integrated into Domo, you have the freedom to access real-time financial data quickly and easily anywhere, anytime.

“I might be on the ski slopes or out on the lake and I get a call from the CEO or the CFO asking me for a specific piece of data,” says John Richards, vice president of finance for Domo. “The Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud connects directly into Domo, which gives us access to all of our data from our phone or our mobile devices. So when that call comes in, we can simply put it on hold, hit a couple of buttons, and we have the answer to any question that has been asked about our model, in our pocket. It’s been very liberating.”

Take a look at this video to hear more from Domo on the flexibility that comes with using Adaptive Insights.

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