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How to Improve Your Account Reconciliation Process

Finance pros are, by nature, a rigorous and disciplined bunch. So why do they stand for the barely controlled chaos that marks the close of many reporting periods? Why is the FP&A team so trapped under the drudgery of manual data entry and transactional tasks that it has hardly any…

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Negotiations? There’s a Better Way to Do Financial Planning

We all know the methods used to create favorable departmental budgets and forecasts. Managers ask for more than what’s required with the hope of agreeing on the budget they actually want. Junior managers promise unprecedented results in exchange for executive support and an investment in their new ideas. And, of course, the seasoned, senior managers warn…

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How to Hit Growth Targets with More Accurate Sales Forecasts

Predicting revenue, especially in software-as-a-service businesses, can be tricky. Sales reps play a critical role in closing deals and so are considered a key driver of bookings. Therefore, sales staffing, productivity, and turnover matter—a lot. Despite this rather obvious reality, many companies forecast in some parallel universe where staffing is…

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5 Tips & Tricks for More Accurate Finance Reporting

Many times we see clients struggle to create reports that pull the correct data from their accounting system or corporate performance management solution. The data has been loaded into the system correctly, but building queries or reports by hand can cause headaches if data is suddenly coded to new GL…

Adaptive Insights Road to Active Planning 2017
Join Us on the Road to Active Planning

Thinking of finally moving away from your spreadsheet-based, static planning environment toward one that’s continuous, comprehensive, and collaborative? If so, you’re probably wondering how to take that important first step. Because on a journey this important, first steps matter. That’s why we’re making it easy with our 2017 Finance Leadership…

The ROI of NetSuite + Adaptive Insights: Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft, a sales and marketing software vendor, prides itself on its ability to help small businesses accelerate growth. But understanding how to increase its own market share proved challenging, as the company had no way to develop forward-looking, strategic financial models. That’s when it turned to Adaptive Insights. Infusionsoft’s finance transformation…

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Ignite Cross-Functional Engagement in Your Planning Process

You want full business partner participation in planning, budgeting, and forecasting but you struggle to engage other departments in the process. Does this sound familiar? We thought so. But don’t fret. Here are five tips to ignite cross-functional engagement and build confidence in the financial planning process. “Put an End…

Data-Driven Workforce Planning: A Win-Win for Finance and HR

More and more, FP&A teams are being asked how they can add value beyond traditional financial reporting and basic planning. In the not-so-distant past, a good answer was often hard to come by. Yet today, FP&A has more opportunities than ever to go beyond the core financials to evaluate and…

CODIE award for innovation in finance
Innovation + Customers = A Red Carpet Moment

I had the opportunity to represent Adaptive Insights at the SIIA’s CODiE awards last week. The event was a reception at the InterContinental Hotel in San Francisco. My colleagues, Mark Thompson, our chief founding engineer, and Sean Rollings, vice president, product marketing, and I attended the gala with a who’s…