Four best practices for FP&A teams

Way back when, financial professionals had one objective and one objective only: accurately track past performance and explain why the results turned out as they did. Oh, how times have changed. Constant volatility, increasing competition, and an ever-quickening pace of business have left companies struggling to nimbly respond to market… [READ MORE]

rolling forecasts
5 steps to launching successful rolling forecasts

Companies often spend weeks or months developing an annual plan or budget, but by the time they’re finished, the market has changed and the budget has become obsolete. There’s a better way: rolling forecasts. What is a Rolling Forecast? Instead of being once-a-year exercises, rolling forecasts happen on a regular… [READ MORE]

Do you know the real cost of your flex capacity?

Whether it’s a one-off project or a fresh retainer, new business often sends professional services organizations scrambling to fill or expand their capacity. But when teams don’t have the right data and tools at their fingertips, the associated costs and ramp-up times of that expanded capacity can be murky at… [READ MORE]

revenue planning
Solving the revenue planning tug of war

No matter what kind of changes await you this year, a proper revenue plan will better position you to deal with all of them. If you’re a chief revenue officer (CRO), I don’t have to guess what you’re busy doing these days. For most organizations, it’s time to work up… [READ MORE]

When it comes to sales, just about every company has its secret sauce: that niche where you’ve experienced great success. Make the most of yours.
Sales Ops success: Make the most of your secret sauce

When it comes to sales, just about every company has what I like to call its secret sauce. It’s that niche where you’ve experienced great sales success—and have a long runway for continued growth and additional market share. It’s that part of your business where you’re in the zone. Most… [READ MORE]