Anyone who has labored under the yoke of spreadsheets to plan quotas and capacity understands what modern, cloud-based planning can bring to fast-moving sales organizations. Here are 8 examples of real-world sales planning.
8 Tips for Improving Sales Performance

Recently, I wrote about a new solution from Adaptive Insights that should make sales operations professionals rejoice. Adaptive Insights for Sales brings to sales planning the very game-changers that Adaptive Insights was already known for in finance—such as automating time-stealing manual tasks, simplifying modeling, analyzing trends, and anticipating impacts. Anyone… [READ MORE]

are five ways to help better determine when to automate so you can focus more on generating strategic insights instead of getting buried in mundane tasks.
How Do You Know When to Automate a Task?

The short answer to the above question is… just listen for the click, click, click. That’s the sound your mouse makes moving or manipulating the same data over and over again, month after month. It’s a strong clue that it’s time to automate that report or data analysis. Generally, you… [READ MORE]

Here are three questions that can help you select and track the KPIs that will deliver the biggest boost to your company’s bottom line. Learn more now.
3 Tips for Tracking the Right KPIs

Feel as if you’re drowning in data but starving for information? You’re hardly alone; there’s a deluge of information out there, but it’s challenging to make sense of it. CFOs now supplement their typical financial metrics with nonfinancial data about website traffic, operational processes, employee engagement, and even customer retweets… [READ MORE]

CFOs On Board with Automation

Automation has the potential to fast-track CFOs’ digital transformation efforts, putting them on a path to unveiling faster, higher-quality insights. Yet, a failure to automate the right things or a lack of technology savvy can end up derailing progress. We surveyed 160 CFOs on the current state of automation in… [READ MORE]

3 Steps to Collaborative Business Reporting
3 Steps to Collaborative Business Reporting

In almost every team sport, a single player has the power to dominate a play, a quarter, or even an entire game. Players like LeBron James, Neymar, or Clayton Kershaw can all single-handedly beat opponents at will. However, football is different. There you need 11 players collaborating on each and… [READ MORE]

During board presentations, the way you show and share information can be just as important as the actual data that you present. Here's how to get the best results.
3 Tips for Delivering a Killer Board Presentation

Aristotle once said: “You need three things in order to persuade an audience: logos, pathos, and egos”—aka logic, emotion, and credibility. And that’s as true in today’s modern boardrooms as it was in the Greek amphitheater. Yet many FP&A teams spend so much time gathering and checking numbers ahead of… [READ MORE]

All this changes today because the new Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud offers a comprehensive planning and analytics solution for sales. It’s called Adaptive Insights for Sales.
Why It’s a Great Day for Sales Ops

A lot of people who work in sales operations are sharing some serious high-fives these days. Why? Because those of us who have been using spreadsheets for sales capacity, quota, and territory planning now have something to celebrate. Every sales ops team I’ve been on has struggled with sales planning.… [READ MORE]

FP&A Expert Tony Acosta
How Can FP&A Get the Most Out of Excel?

Excel has been quite the lightning rod recently in the wake of a Wall Street Journal article that focused on finance practitioners who are moving away from single-user spreadsheets. The reaction to the story made it clear that reports of Excel’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Based on personal experience,… [READ MORE]

Our business planning cloud gathers all the power and ease of use people know from our finance planning and analytics solutions and delivers it to everybody in an organization, and at enterprise scale.
Pedal to the Metal: The Need to Drive Better Planning

For a while now we have operated in a world where companies understand that change is a constant. But that thinking seems almost quaint now. The operative phrase today is “change is accelerating.” Change is now a persistent variable with an escalating impact on operations and outcomes. I’m not the… [READ MORE]

We all compete in a disruptive, fast-paced world. That means you can’t afford to be caught flat-footed, unable to react with speed and agility to shifting market conditions. It means you need a plan.
Everybody Plans. Here’s Why It Matters.

We all compete in a disruptive, fast-paced world. That means you can’t afford to be caught flat-footed, unable to react with speed and agility to shifting market conditions. It means you need a plan. Every leader knows that success is no accident—you have to plan for it. You need to… [READ MORE]