6 Reasons CFOs Will Want to Modernize Sales Planning

Time-consuming. Error-prone. Impossible to scale. Imagine those words anchoring an ad for a planning platform. Would you use it? No, thanks. And yet, those are the complaints of many still using Excel-based planning processes in spreadsheets today. But if you’re growing rapidly and trying to build an organization that can… [READ MORE]

Nonprofit FP&A teams face unique challenges, from funding complexity to board demands, governance requirements to a multitude of stakeholders. But forecasting doesn’t have to remain a challenge. With the right tools in place, the forecasting process can be easy, fast, and powerful.
Forecasting Secrets for Nonprofit Organizations

Forecasting used to be a nightmare at NeighborWorks America, a nonprofit focused on affordable housing and community development. Getting data from multiple sites and departments meant the FP&A team would be flooded with Excel spreadsheets. They’d spend weeks manually consolidating, dealing with version control, and trying to verify data accuracy.… [READ MORE]

Your Data Is Talking—Are You Listening?

Imagine standing in the middle of a large, crowded ballroom. You can hear the murmur of a thousand voices. But rather than follow those hundreds of conversations, all you can hear is noise. Sure, you might catch a word or two, but the gist of any one conversation is too… [READ MORE]

Great Expectations: Workday and Adaptive Insights

The best things happen unexpectedly. That saying couldn’t be more true today, as we announced a definitive agreement with Workday, Inc. to be acquired. While this wasn’t quite the way we imagined we would become a public company, I truly couldn’t be more thrilled for our customers, our employees, and… [READ MORE]

Better Financial Planning in Three Easy Steps

Financial planning is never a simple process. But in an unpredictable business landscape, finance teams often find themselves struggling to predict a foggy future. The complications of external business and financial risks From sales revenues to resource requirements, FP&A teams need sound and valid business information to create accurate and… [READ MORE]

scenario planning
Why Forward-Thinking Finance Teams Opt for Rolling Forecasts

We all know the methods used to create favorable departmental budgets and forecasts. Managers ask for more than what’s required with the hope of agreeing on the budget they actually want. Junior managers promise unprecedented results in exchange for executive support and an investment in their new ideas. And, of course, the seasoned, senior managers warn… [READ MORE]

driver-based planning
How Can I Get Buy-in for Driver-Based Planning?

Driver-based planning can be a game-changer for your organization—but only if everyone is in on the game. So, yes, it’s smart to be thinking about how you can encourage buy-in for driver-based planning to assure that you reap the maximum benefit of the approach. There are some specific steps you… [READ MORE]