3 Questions to Uncover KPIs You’re Missing

If it feels like all eyes are on you, well, you’re probably right. Whether you’re at a major organization or a small business, stakeholders across all departments and levels look to the finance function for measures that will help them understand their future performance and set goals and strategies. FP&A… [READ MORE]

Excel automation can help FP&A professionals manage data better.
Are Spreadsheets Spreading You Too Thin?

The simple spreadsheet has become such a ubiquitous tool in the finance world that you probably don’t even notice it anymore. All those cells, sheets, and formulas have become familiar friends. As finance junkies ourselves, we get it. However, the fact is that Excel is a twentieth-century tool that doesn’t meet… [READ MORE]

Cloud computing concept laptop close up with white clouds coming out of the computer indicating online storage and internet connection--FP&A
Three Ways FP&A Is Evolving in the Cloud Era

It’s been a few months since our annual Adaptive Live event in San Francisco, but my finance team and I continue to reap benefits from the experience. “Live,” as we call it, brings us face-to-face with our customers for several days of learning, networking, and recognition. We aim to provide… [READ MORE]

Close-up Of A Human Hand Maximizing Performance Knob--NetSuite
How to Maximize NetSuite ERP with the Adaptive Suite

It’s probably safe to say that if you’re reading this, your business depends on NetSuite ERP. You’re not alone: As the No. 1 cloud ERP solution, NetSuite is used by more than 40,000 organizations around the world. But when it comes to FP&A, the power of NetSuite isn’t always enough.… [READ MORE]

Blurred motion of professional male taxi driver riding couple on city street at night--driver-based planning
Five Tips for Winning with Driver-Based Budgeting

The benefits of driver-based planning—an approach that links financial forecasts to operational activities—are indisputable. Unlike old-school, static plans, driver-based forecasting deepens transparency into operational drivers of performance and encourages collaboration with business stakeholders by producing plans that are laser-focused on the metrics that actually matter. And make no mistake: Meaningful… [READ MORE]

How Healthcare CFOs Can Improve Financial Performance

Faced with regulatory uncertainties, growing demand, fluctuating costs, and fierce competition, those who run a hospital or healthcare system face a job that is as demanding as managing even the most complex corporate business. That’s why more and more healthcare CFOs rely on cloud-based financial software to increase access to… [READ MORE]

Four Ways SaaS Finance Teams Can Improve Speed & Agility

As global volatility reaches a new high, CFOs’ jobs certainly aren’t getting any easier. But the finance teams at software as a service (SaaS) companies have a particularly tough job, because a traditional P&L statement doesn’t tell the whole story of what’s going on at your company. Because we’re a… [READ MORE]

Group photo of interns
Why Interns Should Expect More

Last week, we said goodbye to our 2017 summer intern class and celebrated their successes over the past 10 weeks in our Palo Alto office. We had lots to celebrate, as their contributions were significant: creating new databases and automation systems, software enhancements, and sales enablement content, to name a… [READ MORE]