Even as Adaptive Insights becomes part of the Power of One, it will remain the most robust and open business planning platform for every organization, even if they never adopt any other product in the Workday suite.
The Power of One—for everyone

In October, I described our plan to integrate the Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud into Workday’s Power of One strategy. Seven months later, I have real progress to report. In the latest release of the Workday suite are new capabilities, including: Drill-through from Adaptive Insights into Workday business objects and… [READ MORE]

A 2016 FSN survey found that CFOs who make better use of nonfinancial data were roughly twice as likely to forecast earnings within 5%. The survey found that tracking nonfinancial KPIs also doubled the odds that a CFO would look confidently beyond the twelve-month time horizon, as well as feeling prepared to respond to market changes.
Only tracking financial KPIs? 3 ways you’re missing out

Not all of a company’s assets are found on the balance sheet. Not all sources of profit levels are found in the income statement. Identifying and understanding nonfinancial key performance indicators (KPIs) that contribute to the financial KPIs, such as on-time delivery and employee turnover, can give companies a substantial… [READ MORE]

We were excited and honored to learn that we’ve been recognized as an April 2019 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Cloud Financial Planning and Analysis Solutions. If you’re not familiar with Gartner Peer Insights, check it out: It’s a comprehensive enterprise IT product and service review platform that hosts more than 165,000 customer reviews across 320 market categories—a bit like a deep-dive Yelp for enterprise software. In categories where Gartner receives enough reviews, the company recognizes the highest-rated vendors with a Customers’ Choice distinction.
And now a few words from our customers

Say you walk into a hardware store, and the clerk asks you, “What do you want?” Your answer: “A quarter-inch drill bit.” But that isn’t really what you want. What you want is a quarter-inch hole. The drill bit merely gets you there. This is a lesson that every software… [READ MORE]

The following four key operational SaaS sales KPIs and benchmarks are critical for planning company growth and expenses as well as to identify weaknesses—or strengths—in sales productivity and structures. Every SaaS company should know these SaaS Sales KPIs and be tracking and benchmarking themselves against peers and market leaders.
4 SaaS sales KPIs and how to calculate them

Ever had a discussion or sat in a meeting to review metrics and the meeting didn’t accomplish much because the discussion got mired in questions about the metrics, not what the metrics were saying about the company’s performance? Or your executive team looks at metrics one way, but your investors, or… [READ MORE]

This infographic shows the ROI Omnico Group achieved by upleveling its FP&A function with Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud.
Infographic: ROI Spotlight—Omnico Group

Creating a simplified retail, food, and ticketing experience inside seven of the world’s top 11 theme parks is a wild order Omnico Group has fulfilled. Today, thanks to Adaptive Insights, the company has replaced rigid spreadsheet-based processes with a flexible planning model that allows the finance team to automate data… [READ MORE]

April is National Volunteer Month, which puts non-profit organizations like Room to Read in a well-deserved spotlight. We think it’s worth taking time to thank these organizations for the contributions they make to our own communities and to people the world over. Nearly 750 Adaptive Insights customers are non-profits, so while the world acknowledges their importance this month, we’re always working hard to give them the recognition they deserve and the tools they need for success.
When your plan is to change the world

There are metrics, and then there are metrics. At Room to Read, one of many impressive metrics is 16.8 million. That’s the number of children whose lives and futures have been impacted by the organization’s initiatives to change education systems in 16 countries and 37,000 low-income communities around the globe.… [READ MORE]

Infographic: ROI Spotlight—Harry’s

While Harry’s was revolutionizing the shaving industry with high-quality razors sent directly to consumers, behind the scenes the company was struggling with outdated, labor-intensive spreadsheet planning tools. Today, thanks to Adaptive Insights, Harry’s has, well, shaved weeks off its budgeting process, cutting in half the amount of time the team… [READ MORE]

So how do you get other departments to collaborate with finance? Start by empowering your business partners with more ownership and accountability in the data and your process.
How to improve cross-team collaboration

When it comes to business, collaboration is vital. After all, no single department can do its job for long without the other departments pulling their own weight. Sales is no good if shipping can’t deliver; marketing falls flat if customer service keeps alienating users; everything grinds to a halt if… [READ MORE]