Standard slide templates and data charts may satisfy most board members. But to really wow them—and establish the finance team as a strategic partner in driving the business forward—consider these presentation tips, which we showcased in a recent webinar:
More Effective Board Reporting in 3 Easy Steps

Many finance teams consider board reports the most challenging type of report that they put together. And, in many ways, it’s because board members want so much more than numbers, such as nonfinancial information and customized analysis. Standard slide templates and data charts may satisfy most board members. But to… [READ MORE]

FP&A Expert Kerman Lau
5 Tips to Drive Strong Adoption of Your FP&A Solution

Finding the right FP&A solution is only half the battle. You also need people to use it. Adoption is critical to success, not only to reap the full efficiencies of self-service dashboards as well as swift analytics and reporting capabilities, but also to build growing awareness of the strategic value… [READ MORE]

Integrated Plans: A Win for Both Finance and Sales

Recently in the Adaptive Blog, I recapped an interview with Mark Chamberlain, vice president of sales operations at Ivanti, a software company that unifies IT and security operations to better manage and secure the digital workplace. Mark described how his fast-growing organization, which employs 2,000 people in 36 offices across… [READ MORE]

6 Reasons CFOs Will Want to Modernize Sales Planning

Time-consuming. Error-prone. Impossible to scale. Imagine those words anchoring an ad for a planning platform. Would you use it? No, thanks. And yet, those are the complaints of many still using Excel-based planning processes in spreadsheets today. But if you’re growing rapidly and trying to build an organization that can… [READ MORE]

Nonprofit FP&A teams face unique challenges, from funding complexity to board demands, governance requirements to a multitude of stakeholders. But forecasting doesn’t have to remain a challenge. With the right tools in place, the forecasting process can be easy, fast, and powerful.
Forecasting Secrets for Nonprofit Organizations

Forecasting used to be a nightmare at NeighborWorks America, a nonprofit focused on affordable housing and community development. Getting data from multiple sites and departments meant the FP&A team would be flooded with Excel spreadsheets. They’d spend weeks manually consolidating, dealing with version control, and trying to verify data accuracy.… [READ MORE]